Called to Serve

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Skyping on Mother's Day with Elder David Coffman - 
David is doing great and had such a happy spirit and sense of humor as we talked to him.  He is really enjoying serving out in Merida, Mexico area.  As we talked to him he carried around the computer to different areas and introduced different missionaries to his family as you'll see from the pictures below.  It was really fun and uplifting.

We were also able to Skype with David's cousin, Elder Thompson.  Elder Griffin called earlier in the day, both are doing great.  David also has two other cousins serving, Elder Bown and Sister Drew.   What a blessing it is to have so many missionaries in the family out in the mission field.  We love you all!!

*A special thanks to David's cousin Brock for taking these fun, candid photos.

David's brother, Stephen getting everything ready to Skype.

Stephen and Roxanne (David's cousin) getting everything ready to Skype with David.

Elder Coffman Skyping.  Michelle and Mother, Janel taking a "Selfie"  Also in picture-Roxy and Ashley (cousins)

Elder David Coffman - Skyping with the family!  (Mother-Janel's thumbs up-so happy David looks healthy!)

Mother, Janel "So Happy on Mother's Day to talk to David!!"

Michelle and Stephen Skyping with their brother, David.

Family Skyping with David.  Daddy-Scott, Michelle, Ashley, Spencer, Grandma,            Mother -Janel, Stephen.

Skyping with the Family

Grandma Smith and Spencer.

David's brother, Stephen.

David's sister, Michelle.

David's father, Scott.

David's cousin, Spencer.

Other Missionary Skyping.

Another Missionary Skyping.

Captain America??

Sister Garcia saying "Hi to the Family"

Another Missionary David is serving with.

Mother, Janel "Lovin Every Minute of it!!"  Mother Day was awsome!!

Roxy talking to her cousin, David.

Roxy talking with her cousin, David.  Precious - We love you Roxy!!

Stephen, daddy-Scott, Elder Coffman, mother-Janel and Michelle - Mother's Day Photo!

Coffman Family Skyping!!

We love you Elder Coffman!!

Uncle Paul, Aunt Rose and Grandpa Smith Skyping with David.

Uncle Paul, Aunt Rose and Grandpa Smith Syping with David.

Stephen Skyping with his brother, David.          


Janel Coffman said...

Dear Elder Coffman-
David it was so fun to Skype with you on Mother's Day!! Thanks for calling and making this special day complete for grandma and me!!
Love Always, Mother xo xo

Evelyn Drew said...

Janel and Scott, Those pictures tell the whole story. David looks so happy and so do all of you. I had no idea how great Mother's day would be. It was so fun to talk to McKenna. I just love our missionaries.


Becky Bown said...

Yes, I agree with Evelyn. David looks so good. I love the expressions that were captured. Mother's day is the best.