Called to Serve

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/25/2013 New companion, two more baptisms, a visit to the Temple & lots of good food from the members!

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Date: Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: Hola! Greetings from your family 3/24/2013
To: Janel Coffman <>

buenas! jaja pues this week was really good. I have learned so much in this first week of being a trainer.  The president told us that the trainers are very important for the future of the mission and so he told us we really have to be consecrated and obedient and have patience and love and so I have grown a lot from that.  I love training though. it reminds me of when I would train new CNAs at the hospital. it´s pretty good and I love helping my son be a better missionary.  the funny thing though is that I think I have learned more than him haha well in addition to being a trainer, I think this week I have eaten more than i have in any other week of my mission ahah one of the families we are teaching really loves us and gives us food everytime we come by haha well in addition to the food, another good thing we had this week was that we had 2 more baptisms this week. it´s funny because all of our baptisms are daughters of our padre celestial haha and they are all young so everyone thinks we are doing the whole flirt to convert technique haha

 But this is funny what you say about the writing emails to other people, it´s a mother alert but don´t worry. I´ll write you guys for a whole 2 minutes each week. haha jk don´t worry. I´m still going to write to you guys and I´m glad you think my writing is good so I guess I´ll try to keep writing good stuff. Our mission president makes us do that anyways so to be obedient, lo haré haha so don´t worry about that. it is nice to talk to some other people though, but you guys are always first!

I´m glad y’all could go to Hailey´s wedding. That is really cool that she got married. I didn´t realize this before, but I had a dream about going to the wedding with you guys last night haha I didn´t realize that´s what I was dreaming about, but now that I think about it, I was dreaming about that haha
and that’s so crazy about Ariel! haha I always thought she blew away haha we see dead cats all the time out here but they always get eaten by dogs. oh and about the iguanas, I still try and catch one every day, but I´m going to start using gloves so I can grab them because they have sharp spikes on their tails hahaha

Well this week I think I have gained a stronger testimony of the importance of the Book of Mormon and the Scriptures.  I really love reading them and I love helping people understand the importance of reading the scriptures. they help us to acercarnos a dios. they say that the words of Christ take us directly to happiness and I know this is true. and it´s also true that if we don´t read them, we start to die spiritually. Our testimony is like a plant that needs to be watered every day, like mother´s roses that if you water them every day, people will see them and want to smell them and all that and it´s the same with the testimony that if you guys nurture your testimonies every day, not only will you benefit from it, but also all of those around you.  One of the best ways to cultivate the testimony is through prayers and the lectura del libro de mormon. ya´ll should read the bom every day. And praying trying to really have a conversation with God. Well that´s all I have to say about that right now.

I love you all and I´m glad you guys are all doing good. it´s starting to get hot out here, but what doesn´t kill us just makes us stronger! haha I love you guys and cuidaos! jaja

Mother I love you and I will always write you good so don´t worry. I don´t have much to say but that I´ll be loving you always is sufficient.

Michelle that´s crazy about Ariel! i started laughing though because it was a mystery and I could just imagine the look on grandpas face haha its funny

Daddy, that’s crazy about the snow. So it is snowing again out there in btwon? That´s good mother is using my laptop too.  Did you fix the cars yet. and how´s remo haha jk i love you adios

3-19-2013.  "Me and my son at the temple."  (NOTE: New Jr. Companions are nick named "sons")

3-19-2013.  "Me at the temple."

3-22-2013.  "Fried Fish."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/18/2013 Baptism, Transfers & "A Scary Spider-Scorpion!"

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Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 4:00 PM
Subject: Re: Hola! Greetings from your family 3/17/2013
To: Janel Coffman <>

Well another week down. They changed the time for transfers so now we have transfers today. last night the district leader called me and told me that Elder Reyes will be going to a city called Tizimin and I´m going to be a daddy!! haha i´m super excited but nervous too because it feels like i just got here myself. this month and a half has gone by way fast but I am super excited! I´m not sure who my companion is yet but we are going to go to Merida tomorrow in the morning to pick up our kids. Elder Reyes left this morning so we have been walking around the Centro Aqui en Valladolid.  It´s pretty cool and btw, if áll want me to buy a hammock or machete or something that´s maya, just let me know and we can go to this place where they always give missionaries discounts haha.  It´s weird not having Elder Reyes here now but that´s how it is I guess haha.  I´m really happy though because I´m going to be here in this ward for at least two more transfers and I am very grateful for this because I am really starting to love this ward. there are so many good people, especially hermanas that don´t get a lot of support from their husbands, but are still phenomenal members of the church!  I am so happy for that.

This week we did end up baptizing Karla. it was really good and now we are working with her parents and her sisters that are inactive. We are going to work really hard to prepare this family to go to the temple, they´ll have to wait a little bit, but it is the ultimate goal to get sealed in the temple.
I am super excited for what´s going to come up in this week.  We should baptize 2 more this week so it´ll be a good week.  It´s nice to have one day to rest before the work starts up again. Today we spent most of the day hunting for iguanas and eating modongo and habaneros haha I´ve gotten pretty good at eating habeneros. so far my record is 4 in one meal haha well even though we didn´t kill any iguanas yet, it was still a good day. When we do kill one, going to eat it(; I´m gonna buy a sling shot so we can hunt them more often haha 

That´s crazy about Aunt Yvonne.  I will definitely pray for her.  I´m glad that you get to see her for a little bit.  I miss her, but tell her that I love her a lot and to be safe haha. I´m way excited for Tyson too.  Does he enter this week? and that is really good for Cameron. ´the mission is going to change his life.  Well  I´m glad that everything seems to
be going good for you guys.  Daddy says it´s starting to get hot, well here too.  I´d be pretty happy if it was only 68 here haha. well I love you guys a lot and adios

Mother that´s good about staying home more.  Mothers are very very very important. Also tell Chelsy that I will send her an email this next week. I just found out that we can email friends now so I didn´t bring their email addresses with me today, but I will send them something next week.  I love you a lot and have a great week!

Michelle I´m glad you are learning to drive better and I´m glad I´m not close so you don´t hit me with the car on "accident"  haha jk did Hailey have her wedding yet? adios mi hermanita oh yeah some missionaries saw your pic and they said that they are going to marry you when they get home so watch out haha but yeah take it easy with the squirrel.
Daddy that´s good you are reading or listening to the bom again. I love reading the bom so much. yesterday we talked about the things we know are true because we have the bom. Like it says in dc 20 I think.  It´s a pretty good capitulo and you should read it. thanks for the update on Cameron. I love you

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Date: Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 10:01 PM
Subject: Fw: Hola Hermano (Translated Copy)
To: Janel Coffman <>

Here is the translated copy of this week’s emails.

Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 4:14 PM
Subject: Re: Hola Hermano

pues ya voy a entrenara entonces voy a ser cansado tambien todo el tiempo, to toco a ti entrenar en tu mission? pues estoy muy feliz por tyson.esa paz que sentieste es loque sienten casi todos que dicen que han sentido el espiritu. la paz es unabendicion y me encanta sentirla tambien.  todo loque dios espera de ti es que guardes sus mandamientos. nunca te des por vencido hermano. siempre digo esto a los que enseno y cada vez que lo digo, pienso en ti. gracias por el ejemplo que siempre me has dado. cuidate mucho  te amo

Well, I am going to train, so I am going to be tired all the time as well.  Did you get to train in your mission?  I am very happy for Tyson.  That peace you felt is what almost everyone feels when they say they have felt the Spirit.  Peace is a blessing and I love to feel it as well.  All God hopes of you is that you keep His commandments.  Never give up brother.  I always say this to the people I teach and every time I say it, I think of you.  Thanks for the example you always have given me.  Take care.  I love you.

El 18 de marzo de 2013 09:39, Stephen Coffman <> escribió:
Hola Hermano.  Pues, esta semana fue muy buena.  Tyson se va a su
misión este miércoles.  Ayer fui a su despedida.  Fue súper bueno.
Sentí el Espíritu de paz y felicidad allí.  Siento súper ocupado y
cansado también.  Sólo espero que mis esfuerzos sean lo suficiente
como para merecer la bendición de Dios.  Pues, te amo hermano.

Hola hermano.  Well, this week was really good.  Tyson is leaving on his mission this Wednesday.  Yesterday I went to his farewell.  It was very good.  I felt the Spirit of peace and happiness there.  I feel very busy and tired as well.  I only hope my efforts are sufficient to deserve God’s blessing.  Well, I love you brother.
rels haha

3-12-2013.  Elder David Coffman. “Scary spider-scorpion we found in our house....if there is one, there are more and I think this guy was just a baby haha.”

3-14-2013  Elder David Coffman. 
“Holding back a train haha we always take these tracks to get to a member´s house and usually it is abandoned but today no haha.”

3-15-2013.  Elder David Coffman

“Other super good fruit but I forgot what it is called.”

3/16/2013.  Elder Reyes and Elder David Coffman with  Karla, new convert and our future convert, Karla´s mom.

3/18/2013.  Elder David Coffman.   
"Last pictures of Elder Reyes and I."

                                                             3/18/2013.  COOOL!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/11/2013 Stake Conference w/talks by Elder Bednar & Elder Richard G. Scott

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From: David Coffman <>
Date: Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: Hola Greetings from your Family 3/10/13
To: Janel Coffman <>

Hola familia! well this week went by even faster than the last week. it seems like every day flies by haha.   We are super busy and things are starting to pick up again. we had a stake conference yesterday and it was really good. Elder Bednar and Elder Richard G. Scott talked in it. they talked about repentance and the importance of women. there were a couple of other talks but I didn´t hear them because we gave our seats to some members so they could listen.  it was really good because we had 8 investigators there. it´s always a really cool thing when our investigators can hear the words of our prophets. I´m really excited also because in a couple of weeks it will be conferencia general! it´s pretty cool here because we all have to travel about 45 minutes in a big bus to get to the stake center and so it really requires a lot of faith from the members and especially the investigators to make the trip. this week we should be baptizing a hermana. her name is Carla. I´m really excited for that because we have been working really hard for her haha. that´s pretty much all that I have to say about the work this week.

so yesterday I heard that we are now fighting against north korea? if that rumor is true, how did that happen?  I guess the prophet know what he was doing when he changed the age to 18 for missionaries so that they can all serve a mission before the draft gets started up again if we really are in a war.  When I heard about that rumor, it was pretty startling at first, but really if we are living right and we are good with God through our obedience, we don´t need to fear death or man. we should be like the anti nefi lehitas  who feared sin more than death.

that´s also interesting what you said about my hair.  I was gonna ask if i looked different because today I spent half the day with it normal and I looked a lot different haha. well I´m glad things are all going well back there in bountiful.  it sounds like it´s starting to warm up back there and here too. they say that about right now is when it gets really hot and it´s true because today is pretty hot and humid. that´s really cool for Tyson as well. I´m excited for him haha well I love you guys a lot and thanks for all the support. I love hearing from ya'll. I love you guys.

Mother, that´s cool about church and Tyson´s blessing. and that´s really true about planting seeds. How is work going? and how is Barbara? haha and I remember when I was a baby...well I was never a baby but when I wasn´t 20, you used to comb my hair like it is now when I would get out of the bath tub haha well I love you lots.

Michelle, you have a really strong testimony! I really enjoyed reading what you said! you are one of the amazing young women that Elder Richard G. Scott spoke about yesterday in our stake conference. and I like that analogy you gave of Jesus and the box. I might try and use that someday out here. it´s a really good one. I love you and keep being awesome. oh and ps I miss took and ebony too. I always tell my comp that we should adopt a dog out here. there are a lot of pet stores haha adios

Daddy, I hope you get the car fixed. is Michelle driving more now_ and so Cameron is going to go on a mission? has he done his papers yet? keep me updated on that! I´m really excited for him. it´ll change his life I played football with kade and that´s cool about all the missionaries. I think I found the sweet spot for my hair haha it´s getting there. I never combed it before so I had no idea how to do it haha I´m gonna cut it again next week though I think. well I love you  haha well adios pops

Oh and I got your valentines card that was funny what daddy said to me. I love you all!

3/5/13.  This is a pic of a fruit out here, Cayomitos (I think that's how you spell it).  They are really good though. 

Elder David Coffman and his companion, Elder Reyes.

3/10/13.  Two investigators, they wanted to wear our suits, haha.  They'll be sister missionaries someday haha.

3/11/2013.  Elder Coffman relaxing in his hammock.

3/11/2013.  Elder David Coffman "My glasses and comb over. I kinda look like a nerd haha but at least i look smart too(; haha."

Elder David Coffman and his companion, Elder Reyes.

3/11/2013.  "In front of the Iglesia Catolica se llama sisal it is built on top of a Cenote. I think it was built in like the 16th century."