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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Sunday, April 27, 2014


"Sister Garcia, Elder Coffman and Elder Robison at a cenote."   3/21/2014.

"Cave we went to when I was still with Elder Robison."  3/21/2014.


"Climbing out of a hole in the cave."  3/21/2014





"Mayan warrior and me."  3/21/2014.

"Sister Garcia and a deer."  3/21/2014.

"Kulkulcan in Uxmal."   3/21/2014.

"In Uxmal in the old pulpit."  3/21/2014.

"Uxmal with Elder Robison."  3/21/2014.

"Elder Coffman and Elder Robison."  3/21/2014.

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From: David Coffman <>
Date: 2014-04-27 0:13 GMT-07:00
To: Janel Coffman <>, Scott Coffman <>

Hello family well this week was pretty crazy. We spent it out side of the area and write now it is another late night email but this time, not from Merida.  Right now we are in Campeche.  We are in a hotel right now because tomorrow, we are going to the end of the world as far as the mission is concerned aka Escarcega.  It’s a pueblito about 5 hours away from Merida.

Today was pretty crazy but I will tell you what happened early in the week first. 

We did divisions the whole week and on Tuesday we did them with Arboleda.  They are zone leaders. Well since we are kinda in charge of opening up areas, I knew there was a pueblo outside of Merida in this area that is called San Pedro Chimay.  It has about 1000 people there according to google, but I think there aren’t quite so many.  Well anyways, it went pretty crazy.  It was a really good visit.  We are trying to set up a little rama or branch there. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot we can do because it is part of the stake and our mission president doesn’t have the keys to do that kind of stuff. 

Well anyways it went well.  The pueblo is small but the members there are really strong even though they are kinda far away.  We found an incomplete family to teach.  We taught the wife of an ex missionary.  The wife wasn’t a member. ..........

Well that was the experience in San Pedro Chimay.  We went to some other pueblos today and one in particular is an amazing one.  It is called Pueblo Neuvo.  It is a really small one of about 400 people but 200 are members.  It is amazing. We are going to send missionaries there.  Maybe I will be sent there but I doubt it because I think President needs me for one more change. It’s a really good place though.  An awesome place because the people there are awesome.  Well it is late and I am tired so I think I am going to end my letter now. Love you guys.  Talk to you next week.

elder coffman

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