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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Monday, March 10, 2014


 Janel's note: Elder Coffman didn't include any pictures this email so I added these pictures. 

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From: David Coffman <>
Date: Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: 3/7/2014. Hola' Greetings from your family - We Love You!!
To: Janel Coffman <>, Scott Coffman <>

Hola.  So this week was pretty good.  We had 2 days of 10 hour conferences so that was pretty crazy, but we also had the chance to do some good work in the area so that was good. I had some opportunities to train all the leaders of the mission and it went really good.  Man it’s weird because I put a lot of energy into what I teach and what I learn and I love learning about how to be a good missionary and everything. And the good thing is that well at least I hope that somehow I will be able to use all this stuff I am learning right now about missionaries in my future. Maybe I´ll have a calling or something someday where I work with missionaries or in the church or something. It would be cool.  Well this week, probably the coolest thing that happened is we found someone I contacted in a convey a couple of weeks ago.  She is like 15 but she was really interested when I started talking about temples and families. We gave her some cards and proclamation to the world but then she had to get off before we could get her address. So when that happened, well I kind of forget about her, but then on like Monday or something we got a reference where the guy who gave it to us didn’t even know the name of the people but they just told us that the people in that house had had someone die in their family recently. So we went there and it was her again.  She said that she was so surprised when she saw us and she wanted to talk to us again but didn’t think that she would find us.  We will see if she can get her fam to listen but she is going to go to church on Sunday and accepted a fecha for su bautismo. It was great. It’s just crazy how the Lord guides us and sometimes we don’t even know it. this is a really good example of it. but I know that he will guide us only if we work and keep moving forward. Like if we wouldn’t have asked the guy if he knew anybody (because he wasn’t really interested in listening to us) we wouldn’t have gotten there or if we wouldn’t have talked to her in the convy, she wouldn’t have already had good feeling towards us and might have said no. So my way to make sure that we have more miracles like that is to talk to everyone and to ask referrals from everyone. Well this is how revelation works. We have to study it out in our minds, act and ask God if it is ok.  He won’t just let us put our lives on cruise control and take the wheel we have to truly exercise faith and then he will guide us little by little.  You guys should watch the videos that Elder Bednar has about light. They are called patterns of light. You can find them on the Mormon channel it is really good. Well I am happy and doing well I hope that all is well with you guys as well and I hope that you keep living the Gospel that is all I want. I want to be with you guys forever and I know that to do it, we need to be faithful.  A great responsibility lies on the parents, but there are also great blessings involved. The covenants we make in the temple are so strong and my mission president told me that if parents get sealed in the temple they are promised to have their kids forever if they are completely faithful to all the covenants that they made, even if their kids go on the wrong path, they will have them again. all we need to do is do our very best and then Jesus does the rest. He doesn’t make the difference, he is the difference. Be faithful and try and be better today than you were yesterday. Little by little we will all get home safely together. Well I love you guys lots and wish you una semana bonita.

elder coffman

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Date: Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 10:06 AM
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That’s great that you made that decision Brock. I am glad that you want to go. and I will read that chapter.  There is actually a video on that story that Elder Holland does. If you go to and then go to resources, and then go to media library, then go to videos and then go to pearl of great price and then you can look for the video that corresponds with that chapter. It is really good and Elder Holland describes it as well. So anyways, you should make little goals anytime you want to have a big one. Like going on a mission is a big goal. If you want to just go on the mission, all you need to be is morally clean and physically able to do it. You need to meet all of the requirements. Now if you want to go on the mission and have success, you need to start preparing yourself immediately. You need to start studying the scriptures and preach my gospel. I wrote a paper and I would like you to read it so that you can know what I felt like I should have done before I came out the first time and what I did before the second time I came out. I know you can have a good mission experience if you go, but that you will have an amazing missionary experience if you prepare yourself spiritually and physically. Especially spiritually.  Well I will tell my mom to give that too you so that you can know better what I think you should do. I love you lots.

elder coffman

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