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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Saturday, February 22, 2014


"YUM!"   2/4/2014.

"Some really good seafood they gave us in Campeche.  They taught us how to eat everything in the crab.  I will have to teach you someday how to do it haha because there is a lot more to crab than just the legs...."   2/4/2014.

"Pretty Sunset in Campeche." 2-4-2014.

"It says throwing trash is prohibited."  2-6-2014.

"Putting up the new changes board in the offices because the old one was too small."  2/6/2014.

Elder Coffman and Elder Robison.  2/1/2014
"Elder Coffman - just being.....himself"  2/3/2014.

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From: David Coffman <>
Date: Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: Hola' Greetings from YOUR FAMILY - WE LOVE YOU!!
To: Janel Coffman <>

Hola.  Well this week flew by.  We did divisions in Campeche.  It was my first time out there and there are a lot of hills.  It was weird to see it.  It kinda looks like Cedar City actually.  It’s next to the ocean but I didn’t see the ocean...maybe someday I'll see it haha.  Well it was a lot of traveling but it was nice because on the bus we could catch up on some lost hours of sleep haha. The only hard part was that they play movies on the bus and we shouldn’t watch them so I just listened to some talks I have on my phone while I tried to sleep haha it worked out good.  Well after that, we got rained on pretty bad haha it was one of the worse rain storms I have seen.  One of those where in 4 seconds you are soaked. It was crazy.  We had the laptop with us too but we ended up leaving it in the house because we were scared it would get wet.  So we walked about a mile in the rain. we got so wet and some members let us in but then we had to go back out and the next time around we were not so lucky. the people we tried to visit were busy or leaving so we couldn’t get in but at least they told us not to get sick haha well that was on Thursday and on Friday we did divisions again and when we finished, we got locked out of our house because my comp usually carries the keys so I forgot this time. we can usually climb on our roof and then scale down the back of our 2 story house but the back door was locked this time so we couldn't get in.  It was funny though because while I was climbing down the back wall of our house, the dogs next door started barking and a little girl came out to tell them to stop and she saw me on the wall and got way scared but I just said no temas! soy yo hehe it was pretty funny but yeah we ended up getting into the house of some other elders like at midnight and slept in our pros clothes haha good night. well and other thing that happened is we did service.  I am so weak now haha we were just breaking cement and tile with some metal bars and hammers like what we did in the old house and I was dead.  Like he had a little sledge hammer and after I couldn’t grip it down toward the end of the hammer I had to hold it next to the head.  All I could think of is that I am so weak.  My body was trembling after.  It was nice though because I felt good being so tired and after my body was sore. but  I got some work to do haha well luckily my hands didn’t get cut up too bad with blisters because I was sweating a lot so that protected my hands because it kept them wet. My comps hands got blisters on them well that is about all that happened this week.  Pretty uneventful.  Oh yeah yesterday we had a pretty interesting lession.  We showed the talk by President Uchtdorf called come, join with us or something like that and this less active lady loved it. said it was just what she needed to hear. but the other people who were hueso colorado catolicos did not like it at all.  It was just really interesting to me how different the 2 reactions were to that it reminds me of what Nephi said to his brothers: the wicked find the truth hard because it striketh them to the very center or something like that.  It is in Nephi 16.   You should read it.  It reminds me that we need to have an open heart.  In Alma 12 it says that those who are not receptive will not receive the message and if they keep acting like that, even what they have will be taken from them.  Everyone knows the scripture John 3:16 but not a lot know what it says after that.  It says 18 ¶He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he thatabelieveth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the bname of the only begotten cSon of God.
 19 And this is the condemnation, that alight is come into the world, and men loved bdarkness rather than light, because their cdeeds were evil.
 20 For every one that doeth aevil bhateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
 21 But he that adoeth btruth cometh to the clight, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.
it is some really interesting teachings here.  remember that our attitude is so important. if we always have a soft heart and are seeking light, nothing will offend us and we will take constructive criticism as it should be taken.  Nothing can offend us.  We are the ones that let ourselves get offended.  Well that’s all I have to say except for one more thing.

Happy bday mother. I know it is tomorrow but I will say it to you early.  I love you. You are a great example to me of how to be merciful.  I am so grateful for you.  I know I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.  You are the best mother. And I hope you know I love you and I can’t wait to see you again.  Have a great day and remember that I´ll be loving you always.  When the skies are blue, or any other color too, I´ll be loving you.......... (baby voice) always.

love you lots

elder coffman

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