Called to Serve

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Sunday, February 16, 2014


1-18-2014.  Elder Robinson and Elder Coffman with a young man - a convert of Elder Robinson.

Baptism we had.  It was Carlos' family.  He got baptized like a month ago and then the rest of his family did later.  They are great!"  Merida, MX Mission.  1/18/2014.

"View of the Temple from our house."   Merida MX.  Mission.  1/13/2014.

"View of the Temple from our house."   Merida MX.  Mission.  1/13/2014.

"Cool Picture of the moona."   Merida, MX.  1/13/2014.

"Sleeping outside of our house on the porch.  It was super cold and a lot of mosquitoes, but it was still pretty nice."  Merida, MX.  1/13/2014.

"Missionary dinner with the President and the missionaries who were going home."  Merida, MX.  1/8/2014.

"Missionary dinner with the President and the missionaries who were going home."  Merida, MX.  1/8/2014.

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From: David Coffman
Date: Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: 1/23/14 Hola - We love you Elder Coffman
To: Janel Coffman  Scott Coffman

Hey family.  Things are good here in Mexico.   It has been really good weather.  It has been nice but as I was walking the other day, I remembered how hot it is during spring and summer and I am scared..honestly scared to be in that heat again. it was so nice because i wasn’t sweating at all just normal but  I know that when that heat comes I will be dieing.  I will probably lose some weight though because it will be so hot so that will be nice.  This week we had a few cool lessons and we are finding some new people but I was mostly focusing on helping other people in their areas to be better.  I don't have too much more to say but I know that the work we do as missionaries is the most important and I hope all of you can share the gospel with someone everyday.   Make it a goal.  Even if you just share it with your mom or dad or sister or cousin.   Even if it is with someone who is going to church every Sunday, start with someone  and that will prepare you to share it with people who could really benefit from a message of God and how much he loves us because he really does.  Sometimes it’s sad to think of all the people who don’t realize the things God gives us but we can help them realize that and help them receive even more. 

Mother, well that's good you are working.  I always love feeling tired after working the whole day. We all have days like that and also I am glad that you can spend more time with pops.  I got your Christmas letter and one from the bishop too.  Thanks a lot for that.  This week went good for us.  I got to spend some time in my old area and it was good to see the people there. Today we playedfootball again and it was really fun.   Are you guys going to watch the super bowl? that would be good.  I guess it has almost been a whole year since I have been out.  Time has gone buy way fast.  Did you get my Christmas card yet haha if not its ok, it probably got lost.

mc, whats up? do you still want to go on a mission hobe?  I had a dream about you the other night, idr what happened in it but it was good because i was with you. i think it was when we were little.  Anyways that's cool mc has a job as a cna. It’ll be good for her. is she in sdch? if she is make sure she says hi to everyone.

daddy, this week we went to a place called trompos to eat 2 times. the two time i went, we got some really good nachos. they might even be better than the killer nachos from red iguana.  They are really really good they have a meat on them that is called pastor. it is way good. its like a special kind of pork well someday we will have to eat them. that part was kinda for daddy. 

(Janel's Note:  Michelle now has her CNA but she hasn't started working as a CNA yet.  She is planning on applying for a job soon).

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