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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Monday, December 9, 2013


"Baptism we had.  Their dad is next!!"  Elder Coffman and Elder Jaussi.  Caucel, MX Mission.  12-7-2013.

"Baptisms"  Caucel, MX Mission.  12-7-2013

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Date: Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 3:56 PM
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Hola familia. well this week was really good. we had 4 baptisms. a lady and her 3 kids got baptized. i will send a picture.  they are awesome. she showed a lot of courage because her family told her that they are not going to talk with her for a long time maybe even forever if she gets baptized and she said thats fine with me because i know what we are doing is true. it was great. she is truly converted. hopefuly she can keep going. we are really close to opening up a house of prayer here in villas de oriente. it will be great. i am so glad i am here in my area. the ward is doing really well. 

as far as other updates go, this week was actually really good. we found a lot of new people which has always been a hard part for me but we found 11 people. it was great. i really think they will be baptized. its really cool because here in this ward, we have tried to find a lot of families. this gospel blesses families. the family that we baptized well all of them except their dad, have made great changes and even though the dad did not get baptized, he is making great changes. he stopped smoking and we are going to try and have a family night so that we can help him to get baptized. 

i am really excited to call you guys. it will be on Christmas day we will try and do it in that time frame. i will tell you what time, but you need to set up a skype account for me and have a emergency phone number we can call and also be alert for emails i might send if we have communication problems. i cant wait for it.

well another funny thing that happened is i talked with and American for the first time in a while. it was weird they are definitely different than latinas. well i guess other than that this week was pretty good. nada mas i am happy to be here.

Today I was reading in my Book of Mormon and I felt impressed to tell you guys about the people of Ammon.  Before they were called the anti Nephi Lehitas.  I am going to talk to you guys about being converted.  You can base your conversion on how you would act if you were in the same situation as they are and if you produce the same signs of conversion as they were.  first of all they were converted because they understood the Creation, the Fall of Adam, and the Atonement.   Do we understand these essential doctrines?  Are we converted?
(Alma 18 and 22) 
Are we willing to give all we have for the gospel, or just half?.  Are we converted?
Other signs of their conversions are found in the following scriptures ( Alma 20:13 and the difference of the king in Alma 22:15, 

What they did in Alma 24:17-19, 24 Alma 27 vs 23-29  Alma 26 vs. 32, this was a sign of their repentance.  Have we burried our sins very deeply in the earth?  or do we come back to them every once in a while?  Are we converted

These people feared the sin more than a very painful death as it explains in all of Alma 24. also in Helaman 15:9 or rather vs. 4-10 and it is another sign of there conversion. pay attention to the way they were working. do we work like that? are we truly converted?

Look at the way they feared sin.  Alma 24 vs. 13, Alma 27 vs. 23, Alma 28 vs. 29. do we fear sin more than death or severe pain? at what point would we give in? are we really converted?

Also they taught their children very well as in Alma 56 vs 45-47 and Alma 57 vs. 21-27.  Do we teach our children like they did? Are we converted? 

Do we trust in the Lord and in his servants like this people did as shown in Alma 27 vs. 5-8. they didn’t know what they were going to do or how the people were going to react and they were still willing to follow the Lord. are we converted?

Do we preach like they did in Helaman 15 vs 6? do we preach by example like they did in Alma 24 vs 23-26. pay attention to the affect it had on their enemies. 

Now for the blessings. they went to rest with God as they died Alma 24 vs 22and 26, thier children were protected Alma 57 vs. 25 Alma 26 vs. 56, they were blessed in other ways Alma 27 vs. 22-23 and Hel. 15 vs 4 and 10. and see how their children were affected by their conversion Alma 56 vs. 45-47 y Alma 57 vs 21-27. they had a great conversion and i know we wont be able to answer yes to all of these questions at once, but i pray that we can try to be converted a little more every day so that we can all see each other another time in the heavens

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also maybe you can get mother to send me some pictures of my ancestors of all the ancestors up to 4 generations for me. we have to do some stuff with that for family history. if you could get that by next time that would be great. also i sent a card. hopefully it gets there before christmas.

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can you send more as well. like some more of the ones you sent me like hymns that mormon choir sings and some more songs like that they have more contemporary singers

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Stephen Elías Coffman said...

Sí. That's a really good question - are we really converted?