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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Standard of Liberty we made. Coa is a Myan word for _______ .  11-8-2013  Caucel, MX Mission.

"We played football.  First time for most of them but they played pretty well.  It was a practice fo a turkey bowl we are gonna do this week.  haha"    11/21/2013.  Elder Jaussie, Elder Coffman & others.  Caucel, MX Mission.

"Me and my son at a Zone Conference."  11-22-2013.  Elder Coffman & Elder Peterson.  Caucel, MX Mission.

Coffman, President & Sister Garcia, Elder "Picture of our ward mission leader and the Mission President and his wife.  The 2 sister missionaries are in our ward as well.  11-22-20-13  Elder Jaussie.  Caucel, MX.

"This is a great lady that we teach and I couldn't help doing that in the picture.  Photo bombing is a new hobby of mine."  11-22-2013.  Elder Coffman, a lady, President and Sister Garcia.  Caucel, MX Mission.

"Giant Noche De Hogar.  We had 52 people there and it was really great!  I love the ward I am in.  We are trying to start a rama or branch where we live and when we do it we will have even more people!!  11-22-2013.  Caucel, MX Mission.

"Super cool investigator from d.f. he came ready to hear our lessons."  Elder Jaussie & Elder Coffman. Caucel, MX.  11-22-2013.

"Dinner from a really popular resturante se llama trompos.  The burritos were super good!"   11/22/2013.  Elder Coffman & Elder Jaussi.  Caucel, MX Mission.

"B-Day present from Sister Garcia por B-Day August through November."  11-22-2013.  Caucel, MX Mission.
"Coffee we took from an investigator.  Everyone calls me Elder Coffey so I held it next to my name tag.  It's kinda like a trophy.  11-23-2013.  Caucel, MX.

"Cool sunset.  I have never seen clouds so big before but they always amaze me here in Yucatan.  I don't think they get that big in Utah."   11-24-2013.  Caucel, MX.

Subject: Re: 11/25/13. Hola' Greetings from your family - We LOVE You!!
To: Janel Coffman <>, Scott Coffman <>

hola familia. well this week was the last week of the change and I thought I would stay in my area and I did. I am glad because Elder Jaussi and I get along great and we are teaching a lot of awesome people right now.  I love this ward I am in. we have developed some great relationships with the people here and helped a lot to come unto Christ. well I guess the most important thing that happened this week was the bid noche de hogar that we did.  We invited a lot of people and a lot of them felt the spirit.  One of my favorite things to see or hear is when someone gives there very first testimony.  I love it when it happens.  I imagine it’s how a parent feels when he or she sees their son or daughter give their testimony for the first time as well. I love bearing my testimony and one of the things that I love doing is changing the tone of voice and how strong you talk.  They are really powerful tools.  I noticed its what the apostles and prophets do a lot. the most important thing behind a testimony however is the conviction.  That’s when the Holy Ghost backs up what you say.  To have that happen, you have to live what you teach.  Walk the talk.  That is the most important thing. Christ always condemned the hypocrites and even though we all are hypocrites to some extent, we all need to live what we teach or live what we say we live. We are all members of the only true church and we all need to show the world that we are different.

Well as far as anything else that was cool that happened this week, it was pretty normal.  We have some great investigators right now and I am glad I was able to stay in this area.  I guess I’ll be wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.   An investigator is gonna give us some half meter burritos tonight for Thanksgiving so well see how that goes.  I am glad you guys can go down to Cedar City.  Say hi to all the primos for me. and eat a lot of extra food as well.  I guess I am most thankful for the Gospel and my family so thanks for all you guys have done.  Remember the hand of God in all things. be thankful for all that you receive and also for all that you don’t receive because if we are in tune with the spirit and if we have a good attitude, we can find the best in every situation. thats something I have learned out here. 

Attitude is so important. could you guys send me a poem that is called attitude? it starts out as I believe the most important decision that we make on a day to day basis.  It’s really good and I would appreciate it if you could send it out to me. thanks. Well I love you guys a lot and have a great Thanksgiving.  I wish I could be there but then again I am so happy out here that I let yall enjoy it without me.  I am happy and I am doing the most important thing and I invite you guys to do it too.  Preach the Gospel.  Do the work of salvation. God is hastening his work and he is counting on us to help him.

 Love Elder Coffman

Mother  I love that story about the scripture power.  Yesterday  I told the members that I could sing the articles of faith but not say them haha because we would always sing them. thats awesome about the blessing of Brock . and I won’t open up the package.  Thanks a lot and tell Anne thanks as well.

Michelle thats awesome about your CNA.   Are you doing it at South Davis?   If so say hi to the people there for me. well I love ya lots adios.

Daddy thanks for writing even though you were busy. and yeah they will be rubber soles this time. well eat some extra turkey   bwhahahaha adios

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Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Fitness Tip ;-)
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oh and do you think you could send me some Christmas music. You’ll have to send them one by one but just stuff that sings about Jesus.  Some of daddy's firestone would be great like the Shepards.   Also the really pretty one that sings about Maria that daddy has if you don't know which one ask him  I think he would know. but thanks. i am pretty sure you can email them but they have to be small size so if you have to lower the quality it is fine but try and send them one by one. it would be nice if you could have it by next week. gracias.

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