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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Monday, August 12, 2013


7/30/2013.  Elder Coffman & Elder Peterson.  Caucel, MX.   "Haciendo servicio. The tool we use here for everything are called coas. they are really usefull and i think i{ll buy one to bring it home for doing work at home oh wait at home we have chainsaws and power tools so i think i{ll just stick to technology haha haha they are awesome except my comp cut his leg with it haha."  

7/30/2013.  Elder Coffman & Elder Peterson.  "Doing Service."

8/7/2013.  More Service.  Caucel, MX

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potente yeah we’ll have to go on a bike ride. i really wish we had bikes here becuase our area is so huge haha 

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hola famialia well it looks like things are going good with you guys. and that is especially good that Stephen has a novia. i can{t believe it. well they look cute together. eso!1 haha so did you guys not go to the family reunion this year in cedar city_ i didn{t even realize that the time had already passed for that. 

well as far as this week went, it was raining a lot but we had some really cool things happen . we found some poeple that were already prepared by angels before we got here and they will be baptized in a couple of weeks. this pást week we had a capacitacion about missionary work and they told us that in the past year 35000 mexicans got baptized but now only about 1500 are going to church and it was really sad. its about 1 in every 24 so i think of the people who i have helped to be baptized up to this point and based on these statistics, only 1 of the many dear friends i have helped entere into the water of baptism would be active. its pretty crazy. i share this because eventhough most everyone one in our family is a member since 8 years of age, not all are active and even in the future more might fall away. it is really one of the saddest things. the scriptures are very strong about not falling away after accepting the Gospel. like in 2 nefil 31 and in alma 24 there are verses that talk about how if one person accepts the gospel and then falls away it would have been better to never have known God before. i hope that never happens to anyone that i know especially those who are in my family. this work is so important. i have had several dreams this week where i was helping those who have fallen away from the faith to come back. i can{t help those who are in utah, but you guys can. i hope that yall do everything possible to help those who have fallen away, ya sea family or friends. there are not a lot of things that would be more important than helping other people to return back to the fold of God. they say there is a party in heaven everytime that a soul repents and comes back. i{d imagine that God would also have a few blessings in store for those who have helped his beloved children to come back home. be the one that leaves the 99 to go back to find the lost sheep. the value of every child of God is great in his sight and i pray and hope that we can live in a way that the Holy Ghost can work through us to help those that have fallen to come back. some of the most tragic stories i have seen are of those who have fallen away. i hope we can help all to come back. we have been blessed with strong testimonies and with talents. we need to use these talents to help those who need them. i know yall know that you need to do and who you need to help. i know the first thing i{ll do when i get home is help those who i love.

well i love you guys a lot 

elder coffman

mother that is good about your bike rides. i look forward to riding with you again.

mc thats awesome about your patriarchal blessing when do you think you will get it. and when does school start up again_ well i love you a lot.

scotty hows it going_ hahah well i guess it sounds like you are fixing up everything on the house so that is good.

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