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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/22/2013. I Love being a missionary and teaching people.

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 4-20-2013.  “Panuchos otra vez with the hna aurelia. she is the hna that always says sí haha.”

4/20/2013. “Eatin panuchos!!! i didn´t really take other fotos this week but last week I sent a ton so it´s all good. “

hola familia! pues toda va bien aqui en valladolid. we have been working a lot. i really love being a missionary and teaching people. it has been really interesting in this change because i am training too. i think i have learned more in these past 5 weeks since i received my son than in the rest of my mission. it is really great. we should be finally having another baptism this week. as far as cool stories go, nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week. the only thing that was funny is that when i got here, my reputation of eating a lot spread really fast so all the hermanas started making a lot of food when we would come. and now my comp doesn´t really eat the food the members make here because he doesn´t really like it so now a lot of them are starting to give us a ton of spaghetti haha other than that, there hasnté been anything too new happen in this week. i am just loving it out here and i´m really falling in love with the families here. love is so important. this is one thing i have always admired from mother. that she always has stressed having charity and has always showed it. it is somehting that helps us to really strive everyday to do our best. also as mormon taught, true love casts out all fear. this sunday i gave a talk here in sacrament meeting and it was weird because i hadn´t talked in front of people like that since my last farewell, but it was really good and i talked a lot about how charity is so important. there are a lot of ways we can show this pure love of Christ in our lives. look for ways to serve someone everyday. look for ways to make people smile everyday. one of the things i love doing is when we walk in the streets i like saying hi o buenas tardes to everyone i see with a big smile and it always makes them smile. it helps me feel good, but more importantly, it helps other people smile. mormons are a happy people, so share this happiness with everyone else. and as you guys do that and as you serve people, your love for God and for your semejantes will grow a lot.

well i´m glad everything is going good with the move. that’s great about cameron and brock! i can´t believe brock has 16 years. that means michelle will have 16 too!! que raro!1 haha but i´m glad everything sounds like its going smoothly for yall. i love you very much and have a great week. i love everyone one of you very much.

mother, tell anne that what ever is easiest for her. dear elders are nice because then i can have more time to read them. but i like hearing from her. and tell here thanks for writing. and families are very imporant. i always tell people that eternal families are one of my favorite parts of the gospel. well i love you a lot mother and have a good day.

michelle, that sounds fun with your friends and with daddy. and there are some huge iguanas here. i´ll take a pic of a big one for you this week haha and are you still having fun with the cats. i see that daddy says they are messy hahaha well i think i liked all the talks in general conference but elder hollands about faith was really good. a lot of people who are born in the church wonder if they really have a strong testimony or if they really know if this is true or if they just go to church because it is  what their parents taught them to do. well there is a way that you can know that this is true. read moroni 10 and pay attention to vs 3-5. maybe do this as a family night activity. because we  should all do moronis promise everyone in a while to strengthen our testimony. well i love you a lot michelle and be safe.

daddy that shounds fun with michelle and cameron and brock. here is some thing for the griffins.

well brock now you have 16 years and from what my dad says, you drove a big truck that´s pretty cool. and i´m gald you are still going to seminary. keep reading the scriptures and praying everyday. and go to church every sunday too so you can take the sacrament because when we take the sacrament, we renew our convenions bautismales and we can recieve the holy Ghost. also the sacramental prayers say that when we take of the sacrament, we promise to remember Christ. so if we don´t take it, we are saying that we won´t remember Christ. this is something so imprortant so always remember go to church every week. and Cameron, i am really happy for you. don´t be nervous about the mission. everyone is nervous. the thing i would suggest to you is to really pray about your decision and really gain a strong testimony of the book of mormon. also read preach my gospel. i am soo happy for you cameron! haha missions are crazy but they are crazy in the best way possible.  it is something where you honestly will never feel more tired, but also you will never feel more full of the spirit and more happy. just prepare your self well by going to mission prep, living the gospel and reading the bom.

and tha´s what i have for camerone and brock

so that´s cool you’re going to ali’s farewel. i love you a lot daddy and thanks for being a great example for me. 
 tell chelsy i got her dear elder. tell her that when i got the iguana, it reminded me of lake powell with the rattle snake. tell her i´m glad jp is going well and tell her thanks for all the support and help to get me out in the field again.

adios familia


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Janel Coffman said...

That's wonderful Elder Coffman that as you bring the gospel into people's lives you also are helping them to be happy! Keep up the good work. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Always, Mother xo

Stephen Elías Coffman said...

¡Sí! Mother is really good at teaching us about charity. c: I love you Mother!!

Janel Coffman said...

I love you too Stephen ... Always :-)