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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


An actual photo of Elder C & his bike will be added soon!
Hola familia!!  This general conference was amazing!! jaja I never have realized its importance and the great opportunity we have every six months to listen to the prophets.  We are so blessed to have prophets.  I love Elder Nelson’s talk about the body…I think it was him jaja but it was really cool.  Also, I love the talk about challenges by President Eyring!  Many good things for the family too.  It was really cool because we made a list of questions before conference and every one of my questions about our investigators was answered(: how cool jaja  I am going to listen to and read every one of these talks again when I can.  They all have information that can help us a lot.  More than anything, what I learned was that we just need to follow our Perfect Example:  the Lord.  Something I know on which I can improve is making more sacrifices for others – whether they are my investigators, companions, or any other person.  And also, to sacrifice with charity.
Now I have another companion so we’re three.  He’s name is Elder Lazano.  He is from Aguas Calientes, Mexico.  He is teaching us a lot of things about the language and sayings like:  “El hombre se le conquista por la panza y la comida está como para chuparse los dedos.”  (Stephen’s note – this is not a direct translation, but basically this saying means:  the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach).  jajaja He is really good and always is so happy jaja I love my companions.
 Mother, good job with your job!!  I am very happy that you like your job.  I didn’t have time this past week to send my package, but I am going to send it today or tomorrow.  I also like the talk by President Uchtdorf.  jaja párate.  Also, it was really funny because during the first session, the Apostles were talking about how good we are as a Church and my companions and I were thinking that Elder Holland was going to tell us we weren´t doing enough and look what happened!  He told us, “Don’t delay.  It’s getting late.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”  jaja it’s funny, but also it’s true.  Even though no one knows when the end will be, we know that this is the day in which men should prepare to meet God.  I love you Mother and thanks for raising me so well(:  It was necessary for me to have calc another time in Weber because in order to be a doctor, I need more than AP calc.  Still, tell Anne that Trevor should take this class because if he takes it, he is going to be really prepared for college and also if he passes, he will receive college credit.  Also, calc is fun!!! jaja
 Daddy, yeah, this general conference was really good for me.  It was the first time I didn’t fall asleep jaja but I missed you during Priesthood meeting.  jaja But hopefully you find that talk.  I would like to read it.
Michelle, how cool that you had a chance to talk with Popy jaja He is good.  I am happy that you liked general conference.  Remember that we are very blessed in this life.  We can always find something that is good in life.  Don’t be afraid of challenges.  They are here just to help us and we can grow a lot through them.  Bye hermanita(: 
 ¡¡¡Hermanito!!!  jaja do you know what?  Before I thought it was really weird when you did biking while you listened to talks.  But now, I know their importance.  jaja I am going to do it as well.  Thanks for the example you have given me.  That’s really cool with Alma’s letters.  I know how important it is to remain calm.  I had another experience today at Wal-Marto.  I man spoke to me and was telling me a bunch of bad things, but I just smiled and told him “I’m sorry mister.  I don’t want to fight.  I just know this message is true and that it can help us a lot.”  He told me that I am really lucky that he had already changed his life; otherwise this conversation would have been very different…but I’m really grateful I didn’t use contention when I was talking with him.  In this package you all are going to send me, could you include what you told me last week about the language?  Because the printer doesn’t work here where we do email and I would like to use that advice during my whole mission.
I love you so much familia.  Also, I am sorry for the times when I was mad at home.  Always remember I love you a lot and always tell my investigators that one of the most important parts of this Gospel is the families and that families can be forever.  May we live in such a way that will permit us to live together forever.  ¡¡Hasta la pasta!!
Con cariño, élder Coffman
Also, I almost forgot, but we already have two missionaries who are waiting for their visas like me.  They got here the same day I arrived to the MTC, but they already arrived here in Arlington last Wednesday.  I am really thankful I had the opportunity to serve in Arlington instead of being stuck in the MTC for six weeks.  Bye.

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