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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Nearly 3 mos. ago he left for TEX - now he leaves for MEX!!!

First off … I got my visa!!  I will be leaving 4-30-12.  I don’t know what time, but tomorrow (4-24) I am going to the consulate to do my paper work.  So, I don’t know if Anne has sent that package, but if she still wants to send it, she needs to hurry jaja Also, what happened with the package was that it weighed more than 13 oz. so I had to send it directly through the building, and for some reason, they took a long time to tell me jaja but that’s good that it … (email cut off here)
Sorry, I don’t know what happened, but here is the rest of my letter.  I am putting on sunblock every day Mother – don’t worry. jaja I am happy you liked the pictures.  I like that thing with the bikes also.  Whenever I finish riding the bike, I have to use a towel to get the sweat off because I always sweat a ton!!!!!!!!! jaja The camera does organize the pictures.  
Hi hermanita (little sister) – how are you?  That’s good with the old house and the missionaries.  
We’re always trying to give service.  You should do it as well.  “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”  Oh, and this is a question for you and the whole family… could you send me your testimonies of the Book of Mormon so I can share them with our investigators or put them in a copy of the BOM?  And what are your favorite scriptures?  Well, I love you hermanita!!  ¡¡Hasta la pasta!!
Daddy, I love the clarity of the Book of Mormon as well.  I love this book and I am very thankful we have it to help us.  Maybe Elder Rushton already has received his visa because the other Elders that were waiting also received them.  This map doesn’t have places from the Book of Mormon, but it is a really good map.  Especially because I’m going to Mexico!!! jaja I have eaten some good meats, but nothing special.  We have eaten fajitas and sudero and stomach lining and many good things.  The food is good and I hope you can learn how to make it.  You make really good foods as well.  Like the soup you would make a lot is almost the same as the one here.  And I sweat a ton!!!!  jaja But  I am going to sweat more in Mérida.  I love you Daddy(:
Hermanito (little brother), thank you for your testimony.  I liked it a lot.  What happened??  Why did you write it??  And why do you always talk to me in usted?  jaja We are brothers – talk to me in tú!!  We are having a lot of success now and it is going to be hard to leave this area because I have grown a sincere love for my brothers and sisters that live here.  I am sure you felt this during your mission as well.  Well, I love you a lot and thanks for the prayers.  I will pray for you as well.  Also, yesterday I had an experience with the Jehovah Witnesses again.  They always go to our apartment to teach us. jaja But we always try to give them a good example of the Book of Mormon and we testified of the truth of this book.  I remembered what you told me before my mission:  when people have doubts, give your testimony of the Restoration.  It is really powerful.  Thanks for everything and bye.
Well familia, I love you a lot.  Did you send that message to Sister Argullo last week?  And tell Anne that I never connected the shuffle to the computer so I don’t know how it got erased… and tell her thanks again for all the stuff.  Tell her that I am going to send a letter as well.  Oh, and what is the address of the mission office in Mexico?
See you later familia and I know this Gospel is true.  Remember to always be an example for our brothers and sisters that aren’t members.  There is always someone watching… whether it be a man, or God. jaja Nos vemos.

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