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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just when you think Elder C couldn't be more positive and enthusiastic, he tops his previous week's message with an even more exuberant proclamation of his love for missionary work and the Gospel!  He continues to write/speak in Spanish, so here's the translation:

His current direct address is:
Elder David Coffman
2106 Wilcrest Dr #227
Arlington, TX 76010

Study, Study, Study

¡Hola!  I received the package from the Lloyd family about three weeks ago  and I received everything.  I don’t have many pictures, but I took some at the baptismal services.  Don’t worry Mother jajaja I am going to use the CDs now and in Mexico, but I don’t have enough pictures to send them now.  I can attach pictures to the emails, but I always forget my camera when I write the email.  It is hard sometimes to take a lot of pictures because we are always on our bikes and there is not a lot to take pictures of.  But whenever something special happened, I always took a picture.  I hope Anne feels better.  Tell her to be careful!  And that sounds really fun that you two, Ali and Anne were able to get yogurt.  And where did Michelle get the Ravens jersey?  I like it jaja  The baptism we had was with Rasalio and Emilio Pérez.  I didn’t baptize them.  I man from Florida did it.  It was fun because he doesn’t speak Spanish so when he said the baptismal prayer, he said it in a heavy white boy (guero) accent jaja It was so funny!  But it was really good.  They are going to endure to the end!  I know it! jaja Do you know what it means to endure to the end?  I think this week all of you should learn more about the Doctrine of Christ.  It is really simple, but still very important.

Tell Elder Parkinson that in the field we can’t send emails to anyone except our families and to the mission president.  We don’t have a branch, but our stake is in Arlington.  And good job with your Spanish also.  Tell him the field is amazing and that I love to teach real people.  It’s a lot better than the MTC.

Mother, good job on your exam!   And tell Ali that she looks beautiful!  And that I love her muchisisisisisisisisísimo! jaja

Michelle, you can send the baby voice to Ali if you want. (: I don’t know when I am going to México, but I hope I go in about two or three weeks.  I like Texas, but México is better.  When I tell investigators I am waiting for a visa to Mérida they always tell me “¡Aaaaaahhhhhh el Yucatán!  How beautiful!  There is a beach and it’s not dangerous like the rest of México.”  I’m really excited to go there, but while I’m here in Texas, I am going to work very hard to save souls here! jaja

¡Hermanito!  I love your advice!  Thank you so much!  Actually, I was thinking in the saying no se dé por vencido (never give up) and I realized we can do it through the Atonement.  It’s really cool! jaja I decided that when I get back from my mission, I am always going to study the scriptures like I’m doing it now because they are so important.  It seems to me this week every scripture that I read talked about hope, charity and faith.  They are so important but charity is the most important.  I know this.  It is really cool.  I love reading Ether 12 and Alma 32 and Moroni 7.  They are really good.  And also Helaman 5.  Thank you so much for everything.  I still have not written Alma, but I’m going to do it maybe today.  Tell her I am sorry because I have been really busy.  But I want to speak Spanish with you always after my mission jaja Is that ok?  Bye.

 Also, little brother, how can I better utilize the members in the ward?  It’s hard here...what did you do in your mission?  See ya later and never give up!  Ever!!  May God bless you family!
(Stephen’s note – the following was mostly in English so I copied and pasted – the translated parts are italicized)

And now i'd like to share something i learned yesterday. We were learning about the plan of what we need to "put on the alter" when we go on a mission and one of those things was negative thoughts. negative thoughts are in the adversary's territory. we don't need to be negative about anything or  have a bad attitude about anything becuse no matter what happens, our lord, savior, y redentor jesucristo siempre esta aqui con nosotros. yo se eso. (and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, is always there with us.  I know this.) alma 7 i think verse 11 says what he suffered for. read around and find it, but keep in mind that la expiacion es infinita (the Atonement is infinite). christ suffered everything for us so we wouldn't have to if we repent. but if we don't, then we will have to suffer like he did ( d&C 19 16-19 i think) then in juan (John) 16:33, it says something really good. read it as well. i don't have my scriptures with me right now, but when i read it i felt real good and i want to share that with you. also remember to always remember to have faith, hope, and charity. read in preach my gospel what it says about those 3 things in the chapter about developing christ like attributes. try and do these things for family night(: adios y les quiero (bye and I love you)!

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Elder C and Elder Rushton

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