Called to Serve

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Thursday, March 1, 2012


As always, Elder Coffman's messages are written in Spanish. Thankfully, his brother can translate. 

¡Hola familia!  Yesterday was my first day in Arlington.  I still don’t know when I am going to Mérida, but hopefully soon!  I have no idea, it could be this week, in a month, or maybe in six months, but it doesn’t matter.  I will serve wherever I may be.  And that is so cool with Cameron!  I’m really happy and proud of him.  Tell him that a mission is hard sometimes, but the blessings that you can receive are better!  I had two baptisms Saturday and they were amazing!  It is a little sad because they have more family that is going to be baptized, but I’m not going to see it.  Also, I gave the Priesthood in Spanish!  I didn’t have any idea what to say when I was giving the blessing, but it was good jaja and it was really cool.  I gave it to Juan Cuevas and he is really funny jaja well, I love you familia!

Mother, how are you?  Good job on your phlebotomy!  I knew you could do it! jaja and I don’t know when I will be at the Cowboy’s stadium, but if I go, I will take a lot of pictures.  Here in the mission field, I am not taking as many pictures as in the MTC, but I still have good pictures.  So, Uncle Mark is living in Utah now?  I am going to pray for your class.  I do it every night!   Well, bye!  I love you.

Michelle, that is really funny what happened with Ali!  jajaja I love you too!  And how are you liking wrestling?  And training george is really good, but remember always that Millcreek is better than Mueller Park!  jaja Oh, and don’t send the thing in your telephone when I was using my baby voice to Ali because that would be super embarrassing! jajaja sj

Daddy, thanks for transcribing my letters jaja I hope you are well.  Every time I teach a child, I think of when you told me I need to make jokes with kids and that has helped me a lot.  I love you and thanks for everything.

Hermanito, I no longer have your twin as a companion.  Now I have Elder Smith and he also speaks really good Spanish.  I forgot last time, but good job on your piano at USU!  Have you heard anything else from that?  I know I have to focus on my mission.  The only time when it is hard is when I receive letters and packages and other such things.  But the rest of the time it is really easy for me since my Spanish is not very good and I have to focus on it and also on learning more about the Gospel.  I love the Gospel because it is simple, but at the same time essential.  Also, I love the saying no se dé por vencido (never give up)!  jaja Well, I am going to try to write better in my journal, and also in my letters.  Thanks for everything!

Send this message to Elder Jordan Parkinson because I can’t send emails to other people.

(Stephen’s note – he wrote the following messages mostly in English – so I just copied and pasted)

elder parkinson como estas? estoy muy bien! the field is great! out
here is basically like the flatlands in btown sino no hay montanas
aqui. i was in a place called mineral wells and now i'm in arlington.
and once you get out to the field, yo willl learn so much more spanish
then the mtc! it's also great to be able to teach real people. i love
it. this work right now is my passion and i'm still working towards
gaining that true charity for the people, but everyday it is getting
better. the best advice i could give you is to do all you can to
develop those feelings for everyone you meet. but yeah the field is
great and i'm excited for when you'll be out here! when do you leave?

con carnino, elder coffman

Also, send this to Elder Monson Welch
Hey elder$$
I'm doing great out here! i'm just waiting for my visa in
texas and almost everyone has an accent like Joel jajaja pero it's
great and i hope you're doing good as well. and i miss the fc and i
hope you're not too cold in michigan or however you spell it haha
buenas suerte con su mision!

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