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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Gospel brings Joy and Peace into our lives.

Merida, Mexico LDS Temple

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Misión México Mérida
C70 x 65 y 67 #521A
Col. Centro
Mérida, Yucatán 97000

this is the new address for the mission office. if anyone wants to write me a letter they have to send it to this address and i need the new address of our home to give it to the mission pres 


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well how is everything going with you guys? it sounds like all is well. i´m doing good too. i have a pretty strong feeling thati´m going to get changed this week so it´s kinda weird thinking that this might be the last pday i have in valladolid. i´ve really grown to love this area and the ward, the streets, it feels like home. this has definitely been my favorite area so far and maybe it´s because i´ve had a lot more responsibilities in this area. the people here really are amazing. i guess maybe i especially feel that way because of how you have now changed homes back in utah so now i don´t really have a recognizable place to return. well i guess that´s how the lord´s work or i guess life in general goes haha at least when i get done, i´ll have my family especially my mother(: haha but this week was pretty good. it has been pretty rainy because of the hurricane in chiapas and it´çs been nice because now there isn´t tanto calor haha except when we go in the taxis and they have the heat on because the taxistas are cold haha we also got to do some service and i´m really grateful that you guys taught me how to work hard and use tools and stuff like that. we also found some really cool people and i think that our hard work is now starting to pay off because now people are going to church. i love seeing people come in to church as a family, or as an individual. i guess you could say that standing in the door way and waiting for people to come in to shake their hands is one of my favorite times of the week.

i guess the message i would give to you guys this week is the joy and peace that the Gospel brings to our lives. i say that because as we did contacts in the street this week people generally started to have more interest when we talked about that. i read in the teaching of joseph f smith that peace is what the gospel can achieve. when people say they wish for world peace, the only way it can be universally achieved is if everyone fully accepts the restored gospel of Jesus Christ because the first two mandamientos have to do live loving God, and then loving everyone else. well i love all of you and i love the Lord. i know this church is true because i have felt it in my own heart. i have seen changes that the gospel can make in peoples lives and i know that these changes would be impossible if this wasn´t Gods true church and gospel.

adios mi familila. los amo

mother these small and simple things are something i love talking about. i wrote aunt priscilla. içv very grateful for her. i´m glad you like the new ward and that you get to plant. i loved doing that too and i use the skills to help us out love you

michelle, no new luck with the iguans... they all run away now when we pass by. i´ve seen a lot of weird things  haha be careful with the cars. are you still going to woodchuck high? adios

gracias por el mensaje hermanito. yo se que el exito viene en maneras diferentes pero aveces se puede sentir que el  espiritu no esta trabajando mucho por medio que sus palabras y sentia un poco asi pero ya no. eso es muy verdadero lo que dijo de servimos a muchas personas .pues diga a los en sdch que yo digo hola tambien. se ve a danny salazar, dile que ya comi ah se me fue. the fried pork rinds. como sellama ellos...ya no me acuerdo pero ya los comi fresco. el siempre queria comerlos fresco jaja pero

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love you too. glad you are able to go on motorcycle rides. tell todd i said hi next time you go with him. so now you aren´t going with remo. and for your cold, a crazy old man who used to tell me that he never got sick told me thatif i get sick to drinka lot of water and to consume more vitamin c. hhahahahaha well i´m glad your doing good and i´ll talk to you next week adios

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the usb port on the computer i have doesn´t work so i can´t send pics adios

Janel's Note:  Since Elder Coffman couldn't send any photos this week I found this beautiful picture of the Merida Temple for this week's blog.


Janel Coffman said...

What a great testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of families! You are right, it doesn't matter where you are living but what's important is the family and the gospel.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Love Always,

Stephen Elías Coffman said...

Great message! I'm really grateful for our family.