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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/6/2013. Prayer is a true, powerful tool.

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Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 10:46 AM
Subject: Re: Hola" 5/6/2013 Greetings from your Family!! We Love YOU!!
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4/30/2013  Elder David Coffman- "We found the iguana that "lost" it's tail haha and the big one."
well it sounds like this week was pretty good for you guys. busy but good. i guess that{s ok though because it helps you from going loco haha i{m really glad you guys got to go to the temple with Ali. i wish i could have been there too but obviously i am doing what the lord wants me to do. i{m glad the move is going good but that{s too bad about daddy{s leg! that sounds way painful. but michelle had the faith suficiente to help him feel better. that is really good michelle. the prayer is a true, powerful tool. also it is a commandment. i am so grateful for prayer. i don{t know what i would do as a missionary without it. the important thing is that you guys always pray as a family and as individuals. there are a couple of scriptures that describe this in the bom and dandc it is 2nefi 32 the whole chapter basically, 3 nefi 18 19-21, alma 34, some of the versiculos remind us to pray a lot. you should try reading  these as a family night. they are some of my favorites to share with my hermanos aqui en mexico. prayer really is a so powerful and it is exactly what we need to do if we want to have a better relation with God.

well as far as my week went, it was good. we saw some pretty good changes and bad changes in some people but as michelle did with daddy{s leg, we are going to pray to try and help the ones who are falling away and also do our best to help them out. also i got super sick for 2 days it was way weird because i had diarrhea for like 2 days straight where anything i ate or drank was out of me in like 1 hour. it was way bad but we kept working. also i was super tired. it was weird because i usually go to bed tired but always wake up good,but that day when i woke up sick, i was just dead so tired that i didn{t even exercise haha and i was falling asleep like in midsentence while i was talking or while my comp was talking. but we kept working and my comp gave me a blessing before we left and it was all good after that. until we saw some hermanas that were really worried and they were really scared for me so they gave me some medicine and the next day i was a little better but after that day i was fine. it was probably the most sick i{ve been on my mission but luckily it only lasted 2 days. well that was one big thing another was that i completed another month and i went through my first pair of shoes haha so that was this week. hopefully this week we will baptize the couple that are going to get married this week .
oh and also, we can skype! they told us that we can do it on tuesday so you guys can do the skype thing at 7:15 my time which should be 6:15 utah time. smexypapayas   is the name you have to search. well i{m super excited to do this with you guys os i{ll talk to you on sunday.

tell michelle i love her a lot. and mother happy mother’s days before hand. and thanks for everything. daddy, well i love you guys a lot and have great week and good luck finishing up the move and tell Stephen when he is in btown to visit my friends at sdch adios


Janel Coffman said...

Wow your first pair of shoes worn out, that's a lot of walking! Keep up the good work Elder. I love you!!

Stephen Elías Coffman said...

Good job David!! That's really cool with the blessing.