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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/11/2013 Zone Conference and 2 Baptisms

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From: David Coffman 
 Date: Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: weekly letter
To: Janel Coffman <>

<hola! well this week was really good. it seemed long but only because every day was packed with spiritual experiences and teaching haha.  we are super busy right now because we go on divisions everyday. we are basically doing double the work. it's pretty nice and i love working hard. we had a zone conference on tuesday. we went to our capilla and it's a really beautiful building. and it´s right next to the temple! i was pretty surprised when i saw that. it's a beautiful place. and it was awesome the only thing i didn´t like is they announced that we all have to have comb overs or part our hair or whatever you call it so i have to do my hair in the morning now haha but it´s all good. we look more professional that way i guess haha one of the main messages that was given was about faith. it was a really strong message given by sister salinas. she talked about the miracles Christ preformed and how before all of them he would ask if they had faith. there were 2 main reasons why. 1. because the faith is necessary to perform miracles, and two because christ was concerned with the faith of the people. he didn´t ask them if they were hurt or if they wanted to be healed, he only asked if they had faith. he asked because faith is vitally important. the atonement works only for those who believe in christ and have the faith to repent. another thing that was also interesting about the miracles christ preformed was how the only one that is recorded where he didnt ask if the afflicted person had faith was with the child who was lowered from the ceiling. the reason why is because  this person showed his faith through his works by lowering his child through the ceiling.. and that is the main point. faith is not just something we think. true faith is action.  it is what brings us to action. it is what drive us to repent. it is trusting in the lord that if we obey the commandments, we will be blessed. and we are blessed not because we have earned them, but because by being obedient we make our selves worthy of receiving blessings from our loving father in heaven. we need to have the faith that God will take care of us if we put him first. its true we need to have order in all things and not run faster then we can walk  (the scripture says something better but it's in mosiah 4:27 i think if you want to read it) but when it all comes down to it, the only thing we need to truly worry about at the end of the day is if we are closer to christ then we were yesterday and if we are willing to improve tomorrow. well that was one of the main messages from the zone conference. it was a lot better the way sister salinas gave it, but this is the basic message. the other part of it was about the atonement. it was super powerful. president salinas is one of the most powerful people i know.

well along with the zone conference, we had 2 baptisms. we should have another one this week as well. the baptisms were really good. one of them was a hermano who has 21 years and he wants to serve a mission. his family loves to cook for us so we have been eating a lot. i was doing good on not eating too much and just pretending i was full until last night when i couldn´t help it anymore becasue the food was really good. it was funny because when they asked if i was still hungry i couldn´t lie beacuse i´m a missionary haha. so basically i kept saying i wasn´t full when they asked and so they kept giving me more food haha. they always say coman sin pena which means don´t be embarrased to eat more haha. they always give so much and they love it. ánd its not just this family either. everyone gives us food and so we are never hungry so don´t worry about us not getting enough to eat. they always say that no mother wants to see their son come home skinny so i guess i probably won´t. hopefully i´ll be able to keep my exercises in the morning up so i can stay fit haha but they are all really cool people though and we will be baptizing the rest of that kids family soon i hope. it's hard because i am getting really attached to this area and the members and the people but i´ll be leaving next week. i really love the work and my companions and everything. i´m so glad i´m out here again.

i´m glad yáll had a good time with mother´s birthday! i didn´t forget it was her birthday either so don´t worry haha i won't send anything because by the time it gets there it will probably be michelle´s birthday jaja but that sounds fun. what did you guys eat and i guess it´s still snowing? i don´t miss shoveling at all how much did it snow? the closest thing we have to snow here is in one of the rooms we have ac and that makes it pretty cold but it's still super nice compared to the rest of the house. it's funny because my comp and i say that the harder you workout in the morning the better your cold shower will be so we always workout way hard. i love you all so much and i hope you can all make the atonement a bigger part of your life. true conversion is a process but the end result is perfection. we won't get there in this life, but i know that it is all possible though our faith and diligence and obedience to the gospel. i love you guys. oh and there is a member here named elder maya. he served with the brother fabrizio in the ward. tell him that elder maya said hi.

mother happy bday again! i love you so much.! i wish i could give you a big hug and kiss for your b-day but tell daddy to give you one for me haha you can do whatever you want with that letter. it's on my laptop. i think it's called mission letter one. i´m glad it could be a help for other people because everything i said in it is true. you guys can read it too haha i´m getting alot of pics and i´ll get one of our comps together. the thing worked on the pdf for the pedometer, but it would be better on paper because i don´t have access to a computer and a printer. also maybe you could send me some ab exercises printed out if you do send something. i have some right now but they get boring after awhile haha. the computer i´m on doesn't have a working usb port so i can´t send pics this week either but i´m taking a lot of good ones and i´ll send them next you oh and my comp went to fremont. i never played against him but he really likes football. we talk about it a lot haha

a hobe so what movie did you see? and did you give that box to ali yet? oh and how are the squirrels doing? there are a bunch of opossums here that get ran over by cars and that's the closest thing to squirrels that we have haha love your guts mc oh and i hope you don´t break the phone haha

whats up pop. well that's good about the snow kinda haha i guess the snow pack will be good. i´m glad you can go to the stuff with mother and michelle. that´s good you aren't working as late anymore. i guess the busy season will be starting up soon again anyways though so it will start to get more late for you again. how is grandma doing? well goodbye. love you

ps sorry my spellings so bad..i hope you can understand what i´m saying. i don´t have a lot of time to look over the letter haha so good luck

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Date: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 2:51 PM
Subject: Fwd: ¡Hola!
To: Janel Coffman <>

Okay - here's the message I sent David:

Hi brother!  Sorry - I forgot to write you an email this week.  This week has gone by so fast!  But I am well - and I really enjoy reading your emails!  I hope it's not too late for you to receive this!

I love you.  c:


And then he replied:

I received your message brother.  Está biem haha everyone here says m instead of n.  It's funny.  I love you a lot.  Do you have a girl friend or not yet?  Well, I love you more than you know.  Bye.

And here's the original Spanish versions:
De: David Coffman

Fecha: 11 de febrero de 2013 1:22:26 p.m. GMT-07:00
Para: Stephen Coffman <>
Asunto: Re: ¡Hola!
recibi tu carta hermanito. esta biem haha todos aqui dicen m en ves de n. es chistoso. pues te amo mucho. y tienes una novia o todavia no? pues te amo mas de lo que sabes. adios

El 11 de febrero de 2013 13:40, Stephen Coffman <> escribió:
¡Hola hermano!  Perdón - se me olvidó escribirte un correo esta
semana.  ¡La semana ha pasado muy rápido! Pero estoy bien - y
¡disfruto mucho leer tus mensajes!  ¡Espero que no sea demasiado tarde
para que recibas esto!

Te amo. c:


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