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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Thursday, February 2, 2012

READY OR NOT A CHANGE IN PLANS! A Short Layover in Fort Worth!

¡Hola Familia!  Well, my life was crazy about two hours ago!!  Elder Hill and I cut our hair and then I went to get the mail and we found two letters that told us that all the missionaries in my district (Elder Hill, Elder Bahr, and Elder Packard and I) received “temporary assignments” and then the sister in the travel services department told Elder Hill and I that we have to leave at three this Friday (2-3-2012) in the morning!!! 
Elder Hill and I were really scared and very excited!!  But (i'm just gonna write in ingles now because i want to make sure you get what i'm trying to say) the card said that we don't leave until next friday. So elder hill and i are going to fortworth texas, spanish speaking NEXT FRIDAY, 2/10/12, and elder packard and bahr are going to boise! haha i'm so glad i'm not going there! although i don't want to be near dallas either without a raiders tie! 
We will be there until our visas come and we can call you for five minutes so make sure you answer your phone! idk when i can call but just be ready. and we are not leaving until next friday ( 2-10-12) (Elder Coffman switches back to Spanish here) the day after Mother’s birthday! And also, I already sent letters to the Lloyd family and the Parkinson family so you should tell them that I am not leaving tomorrow (2-3-2012).  Thanks.

Well, this week went really well.  Last night, Elder Hill and I taught our TRC progressing investigator for 30 minutes!  It went really well!!! And he told us that Elder Hill and I were the first ones to commit him to being baptized and he has worked at the MTC for a long time!  But he told me that I still need to practice more, but my Spanish is good also.  
Now I feel that I can love all the people with a strong love…like charity.  It is a little weird because before my mission, I couldn’t love strangers, but now I can, and I love it!  And also, now I know the importance of the Book of Mormon.  Well family, will you read the Book of Mormon every day individually and also as a family?  And also, you should kneel every day when you pray because it shows more respect for God and his Son, Jesus Christ.  I love the Book of Mormon and since I am going to tell investigators that they should read every day, maybe you all can do the same?

Papi, gracias for the wetwipes!  I love them!! And now the Superbowl is not important.  And I ate a can of sardines for dinner Thursday because I couldn’t eat in the cafeteria because it was the 50th anniversary of the MTC and there was a ton of people there.  Elder Holland and Elder Nelson spoke to us and gave us good talks.  And now it doesn’t matter to me who wins the Superbowl, but even so, tell me what happens.  Gracias.  I love you Papi  and I received all the things and I don’t need more. Muchas gracias for everything.

Michelle!  I saw your name in the newspaper!  How cool!!!  How is your school?  Well, I love you a lot.

Mother, happy birthday!  I am going to give you a letter still, but it might be later.  Good job in your exam!  You too fox!  I love feeling the Spirit and I pray every night.  And the food is fantastic, but yes, I eat healthy every day because I don’t want to be fat jaja I love you.  This Wednesday, I was a host, and it made me feel sad because it was the first time that I missed you all because I was with other new missionaries and their families and it made remember you, but now I am good.  I am way too busy to have missing feelings.  I love you!!

Stephen, the sisters told me that suave is funny!!  Jaja did you get my letter?  Well, I am sorry, I have to go now because I don’t have more time.  I am sorry fox, but hopefully you have a great week!  And also every night I say “ojalá que duerma con los ángeles” to my companion.

Goodbye and I love you familia!!

Élder Coffman

Original Version:

Hola familia! pue mi vida fue loca como dos horas antes!! elder hill y yo hemo cortado nuestros pelos y entonces yo fui al correro y entonces encontrabamos dos cartas que nos dijeron que todos los misoneros en mi distrito ( elder hill, elder bahr, y elder packard y yo) recibimos "temporary assignments" y entonces la hermana al servicios para vijar nos dijo que elder hill y yo tenia que salir a las tres este viernes ( 2-3-12) por la manana!!! entonces elder hill y yo teniamos muchos miedos y estabamos muy emocionados!! pero (i'm just gonna write in ingles now because i want to make sure you get what i'm tryingto say) but the card said that we don't leave until next friday. so elder hill andi are going to fortworth texas, spanish speaking, and elder packard and bahr are going to boisie! haha i'm so glad i'm not going there! although i don't want to be near dallas either without a raiders tie! we will be there until our visas come and we can call you for five minutes so make sure you answer your phone! idk when i can call but just be ready. andwe are not leavign unitl next friday ( 2-10-12) el dia despues del cumpleanos de mama! y tambien, ya les di cartas a la familia lloyd y parkinson pues deben di les que no voy a salir manana (2-3-12). gracias.

Bueno, este semana fue muy bien. anoche, elder hill y yo ensenemos a nuestro TRC progressing investigador y le ensenemos para 30 minutos! fue muy bien!!! y nos dijo que elder hill y yo fuimos los primeros a compromisarle a ser boutizado y el ha trabajado alli al ccm por muchos tiempo! pero todavia me dijo que tengo que practicar mas, pero mi espanol es bueno tambien. ahora me siento que puedo amar a todas las personas con amor muy fuerte...como caridad. es un poco extranyo porque antes de mi mission, no pude amor a "strangers" pero ya yo puedo. me lo encanta! y tambien ahora yo se la importancia del libro de mormon. pues familia, leeran el libro de mormon cada dia tantos individualmete y tambien como familia? y tambien deben arrodiarse cada dia cuando orar porque monstra mas respecto a Dios y su hijo Jesucristo. me encanta el libro de mormon y debida que vaya decir a los investigadores que deben leer cada dia, quizas ustedes pueden hacer el mismo?

papi, gracias por los wetwipes! me le encantan!! y ahora, el superbowl no esta importante. y comi un caja de sardines para ceno en jueves porque no pude comer en la cafeteria porque fue 50th anniversary para el ccm y fue muchisisisismo gente aqui. elder holland y elder nelson nos hablen y nos dieron descorso buenas. y ahora no me imorta a quien ganara el superbowl, pero tadavia dime cuando el pasa. gracias. te amo papi y yo recibi todas las cosas y no necesito mas. muchas gracias por todo.

michelle! vi su nombre en el periodico! que padre!!! como esta su escuela? pues, te amo mucho

mama, feliz cumpleanos! voy a darle un carta todavia, pero tal vez va ser tarde. bien hecho en tu examen! y tambien a zorro! me encanta sentir el espiritu y le oro cada noche. y la comida es fantastico, pero si, yo como saludes cada dia porque no quiero ser gordo jaja los otros elderes comieron mucho y es chistoso porque ahora algunos estan gordo! jaja te amo este miercoles, fui un host, y me hizo sentir trieste porque fue la primera vez que les extrane porque fui con misioneros nuevos y sus familias y me hizo recodar tu, pero ahora estoy bien. estoy demasiado "busy" a sentir extrano. te amo!!

esteban, las hermanas le dijo que suave es chistoso!! jaja recibes su  carta? pues lo siento, tengo que ir ahora porque no tengo mas tiempo. lo siento zorro, pero ojala que tengas una buena semana! y tambien cada noche dije "ojala que duerma con los angeles a mi companero.

adios y les amo famillia!!

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