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"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work ... and faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work." - D&C 4:3-5

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Elder Coffman told us that he'd be writing in Spanish; we weren't sure if he was kidding or not, but here's his first email letter ... in Spanish. I think it's great - it's good practice for him to be ready for Mexico. If you're not quite fluent, Stephen translated it below.

SENT:  1/21/12

Hola! Como estan? no tengo mucha a decir pero Primero, el dia de preparacion es jueves para mi. recibieron mi carta? no se si mi temple recomend esta aqui ya. yo recibi un dear elder de papi y a anne. tambien, poderia send los cosas que lopedi en mi carta? Estoy muy contento con mi mision so far. I don't know if i'll ever have one of those "freak out" moments, but i haven't had one yet. I have had many good experiences so far. Por ejemplo, en jueves, pedi a Dios si  i could feel the spirit really strong. like i wanted to have one of those buring in the boosoms moments because i had never felt it before, but then presedante Tyler venio a nuestra clase y nos dije que hay muchas maneras deferentes para sentir el espiritu. como cuando quiere hacer cosas buenas, estas sentiendo el esperito, o cuando estas aprendiendo muchas cosas, estas sentiendo el espiritu. hay muchas otras cosas tambien, pero es importante que intenda que cada persona se seinta el espirito en maneras deferentes.  fue una  contesta a mi pregunta a dios. hay muchas otras cosas espirtuales que paso, pero ese fue mi favorito. estaba muy soprendido cuando estaba llamado a un lidere de distrito. pero mi distrito son muy supporting, y me encanta a ser un leader. Mi distrito es muy bien. mi companero y yo son los solos gringos en la classe. hay 4 hermanas y 4 elderes incluyo yo y Elder Hill. Elder Hill y yo fuimos a bountiful high together. hay dos hermanas de el salvador, una de mexico, y una de ecuador. y hay un elder de colombia y uno de massatuchets, pero sus padres son de puerto rico. Mi companero es gran. we get along good and we are learning about eachother cada dia. hay pienso 15 personas de bountiful high alli en el ccm. quiero ir al campo en ensenar, pero yo se que todavia hay muchas cosas que necesito a aprender, especialmente la idioma. pero me encanta la comida! peros necesito quitar comer tan mucho porque voy a estar gordo jajaja. El tiempo de gynamsio is divertido. i lift con elder rushton y su companero. ese ccm es muy bien. gracias por todo!
te amo!

Hi! How are you all? I don’t have much to say, but first my p-day is Thursday. Did you get my letter? I don’t know if my temple recommend has arrived yet. I received a dear Elder from Daddy and Anne. Also, could you send me the things I asked for in my letter? I am very happy with the mission so far. I don't know if I'll ever have one of those "freak out" moments, but I haven't had one yet. I have had many good experiences so far. For example, Thursday I asked God if I could feel the Spirit really strong. Like, I wanted to have one of those burning in the bosoms moments because I had never felt it before, but then President Tyler came to our class and told us that there are many different ways to feel the Spirit. Like when you want to do good things, you are feeling the Spirit, or when you are learning many things, you are feeling the Spirit. There are many other things as well, but it is important you understand that every person will feel the Spirit in different ways. This was an answer to my question to God. There are many other spiritual things that happened, but that was my favorite. I was very surprised when I was called to be a district leader.But my district is very supporting, and I love being a leader. My district is very good. My companion and I are the only “gringos” (white boys) in the class. There are four Sisters and Four Elders including Elder Hill and I. Elder Hill and I went to Bountiful High together. There are two sisters from El Salvador, one from Mexico, and one from Ecuador and there is one Elder from Colombia and one from Massachusetts, but his parents are from Puerto Rico. My companion is great. We get along good and we are learning about each other each day. I think there are 15 people from Bountiful High in the MTC. I want to go to the mission field to teach, but I know that there are still many things I need to learn, especially the language. But I love the food! But I need to stop eating so much because I am going to be fat!hahaha. The time at gym is fun. I lift with Elder Rushton and his companion. This MTC is great. Thanks for everything!
I love you!

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